My heroes sometimes have medical problems – Two of my novels $0.99 Each for 7 Days!


My novels “Field Piece, The Complete Series” and “Death on Delivery” are both on sale on Amazon Kindle from Thursday August 21 through Midnight on Wednesday August 27 for only 99¢ each.  Take advantage of this special pricing if you haven’t read these novels.

Field Piece, The Complete Series includes both Field Piece, Book I: Tehran and Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan.

In Book I the hero is in the best of health (early 40′s), but by Book II, two years later, he’s got a bad back.  A really bad back. (How many people do you know in their 40′s who have not had back problems?) I haven’t given a problem like vertigo to any of the heroes in my books, but that would be really tough to handle, wouldn’t it?  Not like Jimmy Stewart in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Vertigo.” That was not the vertigo that we’re concerned with. I’d give my left pinkie to not have real vertigo problems, and I’m sure many of you would agree with me on that!

Anyway, in Book I of this series, a CIA agent is murdered in Tehran, and the White House wants someone on the scene to determine what the agent discovered that led to his death, and who is responsible. The agent is supposed to remain low-profile — just get in, find out what the hell is going on, and get out. No women, no trouble, no killing. The U.S. State Department sends agent Steve Walker. That might have been a bad choice …

In Book II of this series, Walker returns to Iran on another assignment: to staunch the flow of black market American weapons to rebels in Azerbaijan. His boss says Walker has a tendency to overachieve and is sometimes a loose cannon. Truer words were never spoken …

The hero in my mystery Death on Delivery, named John Bent (because his view of right and wrong is a little off), doesn’t have any physical problems. (Those were the days, weren’t they?)  Maybe next book I’ll give him ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease (I had UC), but maybe that’s too harsh.  The plot: when former Montgomery County, MD police detective John Bent finally gets out of prison, he lands a job working as a computer programmer on a high-profile NASA project. But he finds his new job is more dangerous than his stint as a cop when someone starts killing the other members of the development team. There’s a healthy amount of flirting, sex, violence, horses, and even comedy in this novel.

And no, I have never been to prison and I don’t live with a prostitute! However, I have been on too many software projects where the manager claimed “we’re all going to die if we don’t finish this project on time.” Right.

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Oh, that tasted good though

Once again I had a (thankfully mild) vertigo attack this weekend. The only thing I ate that was different was a handful (Ok, a double handful, heaping) of potato chips processed in cottonseed oil. I guess that was it.

A few minutes ago I read on the web how cottonseed oil is bad for everyone because it has pesticides, toxins, etc., but it’s cheap, so companies like to use it instead of more expensive oils.  Also they say that if the packaging states “processed with cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, or canola oil”, it’s probably cottonseed oil.

So I’ll be avoiding those chips from now on.  I’d like to find some that are Ok, because I really love ‘em.  Bet you can’t eat just one!


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Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan on sale in the Kindle Store for less than a buck


My novel “Field Piece, Book I: Tehran” was on sale on Amazon Kindle last week for only 99¢.  Now “Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan” is on sale on Amazon Kindle for only 99¢ from July 15th through midnight July 21st.

Book I takes place in 1995 and Book II two years later, when Walker returns to Iran on another mission. Many of the characters appearing in Book I are also in Book II, including, of course, our hero, Steve Walker. Walker’s friend from graduate school, Pasdaran Colonel Kamal Taleb, shows up again, along with his brash younger brother, Massoud, and the femme fatale Jilah, who became much more than Walker’s friend in Book I.

Predictably, Walker’s nemesis, his half-brother Azrak, once again is creating havoc, this time in Azerbaijan, where he is head of the Azeri secret police.

Russian mercenaries, Muslim freedom fighters, war — Walker’s stepped into it this time . . .

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